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iOS Notes App Scanning – Markup Features

Here’s a follow-up video to a very popular iOS Notes scanning video I made about one year ago. In this video you will learn how to add watermarks, signatures, text and other elements to your scanned documents.
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Isometric Drawings in Illustrator

In this video I will share an experiment I have been exploring in Adobe Illustrator trying to make isometric illustrations using the 3-D “extrude and bevel” effect.
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Animated Daily Logo Challenge

About one year ago I tried my hand at the Daily Logo Challenge. My approach (which you can read about here!) was to create 3d renderings from my sketches. After I started building the first few designs I realized that, if given the time, I could also animate the designs…
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Custom Typographic Letterfrom Table

Typographic Letter-Form Table

I’ve always felt that shape and form were powerful design elements. This most likely entered my conscience by looking through a camera lens and also by viewing the photographic works of Paul Strand. Years later I was reintroduced to this topic while viewing the design work of Malcom Grear who…
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iOS Notes App Scanning Feature

Looking for a fast and easy way to scan documents? Look no further than your default Notes app on your iPad or iPhone! We’ve all been in a situation where we need to quickly get a copy of a document so we tend to take a photograph using the camera…
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