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Typographic Letter-Form Table

I've always felt that shape and form were powerful design elements. This most likely entered my conscience by looking through a camera lens and also by viewing the photographic works of Paul Strand. Years later I was reintroduced to this topic while viewing the design work of Malcom Grear who throughout his career mastered the… Continue reading Typographic Letter-Form Table

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A Photo Story: Shape and Form

This is a slightly unconventional Photo Story. It's part history lesson, part process, and part surprise ending. What initially began as inspiration from an early 1900's photographer ended up turning into artwork being created with today's most modern technology. An interesting twist to these final images presented below. After reviewing the video and the… Continue reading A Photo Story: Shape and Form

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Photo Story: Destruction – Part 1

Are you having a long, stressful week? Then lets break stuff! This is not an original concept, but it's something that I've never had the opportunity to shoot. I started by sketching compositions in my awesome moleskin hipster notepad. I like to doodle out ideas first because it will help me gather my thoughts and I can make notes as to… Continue reading Photo Story: Destruction – Part 1

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Beavertail Lighthouse

Here is a short series of photos from a trip to Beavertail Lighthouse, a beautiful place to take photos, especially at sun set! This series was shot exclusively with my new Sigma 10-20mm lens on a Nikon D300. All images were shot with three exposures so I could do an HDR merge in post production. Location: Beavertail… Continue reading Beavertail Lighthouse

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PowerEx Batteries

I use several Nikon SB-900 and SB-700 strobes for my photography work. Both these units use four AA batteries and the batteries drain like crazy. I was using your typically brand-named batteries for a while... and, well... they sucked. They wouldn't hold a charge over time and they would drain rapidly when in use. I… Continue reading PowerEx Batteries